Industry sector: Transport

Coach firm: Licences

Legislation is in place which provides for:

  • operator licensing
  • local bus service registration or licensing
  • drivers' licensing

All vehicles used on the road must have a current vehicle excise duty licence (road tax). The cost will vary according to the seating capacity of the coach. Coaches and buses with reduced pollution certificates fall into a cheaper tax class. Full details are available from the DVLA. More information about vehicle licensing in Northern Ireland is available on the NI Direct website.

Authorised testing facilities

If you are going to carry out MOT testing you will need to obtain authorisation from the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA). You can find out how to apply on the website. In Northern Ireland, MOT testing is carried out at government run testing stations.

If you plan to play background music and/or DVDs on your coaches you will need to obtain a licence from a Music Licence from PPL PRS Ltd. There is an annual fee for this which you can pay online on the PPL PRS website. If you plan to screen films and TV shows on board, you'll need an MPLC licence.

If you are planning to serve alcoholic refreshments on board your coaches you must make sure you have obtained the appropriate alcohol licences. You can find out more from your local authority.